Lodge Of Perfection Symbol

Lodge Of Perfection

The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4° through the 14°.

The Lodge of Perfection degrees are commonly called the Ineffable Degrees. In these eleven lessons, the candidate will observe many references, scenes and characters which recall and amplify the three Symbolic Degrees. The degrees are ineffable because the lessons involve man's age old quest to describe the indescribable and to utter that which is incapable of being spoken.

The Degrees are:

4° Master Traveler
5° Perfect Master
6° Master of the Brazen Serpent
7° Provost & Judge
8° Intendant of the Building
9° Master of the Temple
10° Master Elect of the Fifteen
11° Sublime Master Elected
12° Master Architect
13° Master of the Ninth Arch
14° Grand Elect Mason

Thrice Potent Master - 2018-19
Thrice Potent Master
John S. Foreaker, 32°, MSA